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Pre-Filling PDF Form Templates in Ruby-on-Rails with PDFtk

<p>In <a href="/2014/01/14/generate-clean-testable-pdf-reports-in-rails-with-prawn">a recent post</a>, I talked about how to generate PDF reports in Rails using Prawn. This approach is great for generating PDF’s with lots of data tables and other variable-length content. But an alternative situation is when you already have a template authored in an application such as Adobe Acrobat and you want to populate it with data from your database. This makes it more difficult to insert variable-length content, but on the plus side, you no longer need to worry about the layout of the document.</p> <p></p>


Generate Clean, Testable PDF Reports in Ruby/Rails with Prawn

<p>I generally hate PDF’s. The file format is complex and designed to mimic physical paper documents, which really has little to do with the web. But unfortunately, PDF’s are still very common and often expected, particularly when working on businesses applications. I have a legacy ruby-on-rails application with a number of PDF reports and I recently took the time to refactor them in a clean and testable manner. Here’s how I went about that process:</p> <p></p>