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Upcoming Phoenix Authentication Solution

<p>I’m in the middle of writing an application in <a href="">Elixir</a> and <a href="">Phoenix</a>, so when I saw a link to <a href="">an article by José Valim</a> on an upcoming authentication solution for Phoenix, my initial reaction (before reading it) was negative. José is the author of the <a href="">Devise framework</a> for Ruby-on-Rails, so I assumed it was going to be the same idea, but for Elixir and Phoenix. I’ve implemented Devise in a handful of Rails apps, and each and every time I ended up ripping it out and writing my own auth solution (often based on <a href="">this Railscasts tutorial</a>). The reason is that while...</p>


Authenticating your Angular / Rails App with JSON Web Tokens

<p><em>UPDATE: There have been some changes in the JWT Gem that make some of the below not work exactly right (it’ll still be about 90% the same). Specifically, they added expiration support. See <a href="/2015/07/20/authentication-using-json-web-tokens-using-rails-and-react">my post on the same topic, but using React.js</a>. The server side code in this post will work just as well with Angular.</em></p> <p></p>