Website Revamp! And introduction to my Work Journal.

My website has gone slightly stagnent lately, so I decided that it was time for a revamp. There were a few things I didn’t like about the old website:

  • As a developer with some design chops, I never liked the fact that I hadn’t designed my website myself. I was using the Hyde theme for Jekyll.
  • I felt boxed in by the fact that all my previous posts were longer-form articles.
  • While Jekyll is a great tool, it’s very blogging-centric, and I wanted to add new types of content.

So I re-designed the website from scratch using Middleman. I started with Thoughtbot’s base Middleman template, but I changed quite a bit from there. And all the design is custom. I’m pretty happy with the result. And finally, I added a “Work Journal”, where I plan to write shorter, more informal posts on what’s going on in my work. That could be something I learned, a book I just read, a status update on a side project, etc.

Exciting things to come!